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May 23, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment

The Moon is a feminine symbol, and in that symbolism lies transition and change, much like evolution, birth, and death.  The parallelism with yoga is that yoga provides opportunities for us to create new paths and beginnings, while the Moon phases can be a representation of those pathways.  

There are 8 phases of the Moon, and we would like to highlight which yoga pose suits each phase, as we have discovered in our practice.  Try to keep these in mind, and find alignment in the lunar cycle!

#1 New Moon/Child's Pose

The New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle and a time to rest and reflect. Child's Pose is the perfect opportunity to do so! Child's Pose is resting, and helps center us and allows us the opportunity to find peace.  It is where new beginnings are created, just like the new moon phase.  While a restorative pose, it also provides time to reflect and find balance.

#2 Waxing Crescent/Crescent Moon

The first step towards fulfillment and a significant step towards taking action!  Crescent moon pose embodies this moon phase as it is a call to action in a greater sense.   Our bodies are opening in crescent moon pose for expansion and growth.  We are setting the stage for a new opportunity and creating a solid base to move forward.

#3 First Quarter/Warrior 2

With half of the Moon illuminated and half of the Moon covered in this moon phase, the significance is decision making.  In warrior 2, the yogi is looking ahead, while also grounded down.  Warrior 2 helps us decide our path and our direction in our practice while noticing our overall strength.

#4 Waxing Gibbous/Half Moon

When we take a moment to think about what waxing means in terms of moon phases, we see that waxing infers getting larger.  Its counterpart, gibbous is referring to the shape, which isn't quite a full circle.  Half-moon pose seeks stability and balance and reflects the waxing gibbous phase as it finds the yogi growing in strength and balance.

#5 Full Moon/Standing Backbend

Commonly known for its energizing significance, the full moon phase seals intentions and creates release.  Standing backbend is a heart-opening pose that releases tension and creates openness in the upper body while grounding in the legs.  It is an energizing pose as well as a releasing pose, much like the full moon phase.

#6 Waning Gibbous/Bow Pose

The energy from the full moon phases is dissipating, and gratitude for passed phases finds us.  Bow pose is a heart-opening pose and presents itself in beautiful vulnerability, shining praise to what has passed and how far we have come.

#7 Last Quarter/Forward Fold

The effects of all the moon phases can be tiredness and fatigue.  Help your body achieve rest and introspection by forwarding folding and essentially turning inward.  Reflection inside mimics the last quarter moon as all previous energies lay to rest in this phase.

#8 Waning Crescent/Savasana

A regenerating phase and the final moon phase.  Savasana helps to calm our mind and body and reap the benefit of our entire yoga practice.  Just like the waning moon phase, this is a time to restore and receive!

"The quieter you become, the more you can hear." ~Ram Dass

Damien Law
Damien Law

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Jenni-Leigh Williams
Jenni-Leigh Williams

January 19, 2021

Hi! Is the moon phases photo yours or did you get it elsewhere?

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