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May 23, 2020 2 min read

Isn’t it nice to see the change in seasons?!  Finally our days are getting a little bit longer, the sun is starting to peek out from its long winter haze, and our earth is beginning to bloom again!  One of the best parts of the change in season is the change in fruits and vegetables we see at our local markets!  Bring on the berries, and

Just like the change in season we start to notice a shift in our diet as our yoga practice expands.   Taking care of our bodies from the inside out results in small changes over time.  Soon you start noticing you’re craving more water, you’re ditching the caffeine for a nice mellow tea, and you’re choosing more wisely in whole foods than you thought possible.  But why is that exactly?  Why do our bodies tend to transition like the seasons, into a cleaner diet when we get more into our yoga practice?  Let’s examine 5 positive impacts yoga has on our diets:


Plain and simple yoga has a positive effect on lowering stress.  When we lower stress levels we have a tendency to feel more balanced, more whole.  This slight shift triggers many positive effects, but diet is certainly one of them!

postive impact yoga has on our diet


This is fairly basic but still worth noting!  Like anything that becomes routine in your life, when you find the balance that yoga can bring, you tend to start making it apart of your routine.  When patterns bring routine, you often find more stability.  Your tendency to emotionally eat may reduce, and you may begin a new routine of a healthy diet.


Simply put when you practice yoga you begin a journey to connect mind and body.  A shift occurs, and you simply start to become more you are more aware of what is going into your body and its effect.  This mental shift can see a change in diet as you start to transition to foods that are naturally healthier….becuase you are healthier!


While yoga is a practice of mind-body connection, the reality is it is still revving up your metabolism.  When your metabolism shifts so do a variety of your body’s functions.  Digestion, circulation, muscle movement, which in turn creates lean muscle mass. Food is fueling your practice and you begin to see crave food choices that sustain you longer throughout the day.  You’re learning and listening to what your body needs.

#5  It’S IN THE ZZZzzz’s

When you’re less stressed, finding a routine, more mindful, and when your metabolism is working slightly harder, you’re also sleeping better!  Improved sleep has you feeling more energized and less like to make poor decisions in diet.  

The yogi journey is one of connection and alignment.  Yoga practice has a tremendously positive effect on lifestyle.  Just like the change of seasons, you start to bloom from body, mind, and spirit.  Now, where did that mediation pillow of ours go?? We need a healthy snack and some zenful meditation.  


Christina P.
Christina P.

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